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Fresh artisanal pasta and authentic Italian fare, delivered straight to your door.

Life is better with fresh pasta in it.

Hi! I’m Daniele, a chef from Naples, and this is my way of bringing 100% authentic artisanal pasta straight to your door. All my pasta is handmade to order daily and my sauces are cooked for 10-12 hours – ready for assembling at home in just a few minutes. I also source the finest dry cured meats from Italy in order to make delicious antipasti charcuterie boards, and produce my own deli conserves using old family recipes.

Italian Deli

Italian Charcuterie

Zi Carmela's Aubergines

Zi Michele's Carrots


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Levington Court

Kirklevington, TS15 9WE

Tel: 07473852096

Hours of Operation

Please order by 11:00am for same day deliveries.
Feel free to order a day or more in advance, too.